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Avoiding Invasion of Privacy in New Orleans

Invasion of privacy is considered an intrusive behavior into another person’s life without legal cause. The person who was intruded upon has the right to file an intentional tort for damages against the person or entity that intruded. Public figures, such as politicians or celebrities, are not protected under the invasion of privacy laws because they have intentionally placed themselves in the public. Non-public people do have a right to privacy.

Areas of Protection from Invasion of Privacy

Specific areas that are covered by invasion of privacy include:

  • Intrusion on another’s solitude or private affairs
  • Disclosure in public of private information
  • False or harmful publicity
  • A person’s name or face used for personal or commercial profit without permission (can apply to public figures, including celebrities and politicians)

Intentional Torts Lawyer in New Orleans

If you find your privacy has been invaded, Grand Law Firm in New Orleans has extensive experience in filing intentional torts to recover damages incurred as a result of the invasion. If you have applied for credit from a company, that company has the right to check your credit. However, if the creditor shares information with other creditors without your permission, you may have reason to file a claim.

There are many other areas of privacy that are protected by law. Consult with Trenton Grand at Grand Law Firm in New Orleans or Baton Rouge if you feel you have suffered from an invasion of privacy.