Grand Title Company Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings

Closing Services

Upon receipt of an Agreement of Sale or Lender Notification, our Grand Title staff begins the process of coordinating the entire settlement process. Our staff handles everything from ordering lien letters and tax certifications to preparing the deed, clearing any liens and/or encumbrances on the title. We provide counsel to our clients as to alternative structures for a proposed transaction so as to minimize closing costs. In addition, we assist our clients in connection with obtaining any necessary consents or approvals required for a particular transaction from third parties, including state or local governmental authorities. We also discuss any federal, state or local governmental reporting/disclosure requirements with our clients that may be necessary in connection with any particular transaction. When all requirements are met to close, we prepare all financial and legal documents and coordinate all parties for the closing appointment. After funds disbursement and document recordation, we issue policies to lenders and new owners, who may choose to purchase title insurance.


Other Legal Services

Grand Law Firm, our sister company, also provides additional services to potential clients in the following practice areas: