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You may be facing a seemingly impossible financial situation that has caused undue anxiety and stress for you and your family. The very best thing you can do for yourself and for your family is to get the right help. There are many debt relief options for those suffering from debt in New Orleans including Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Chapter 11, and even non-bankruptcy debt settlement options. The only way to be certain that a Chapter 7 filing is the right fit for you is to start the conversation right away.

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What Is Chapter 7?

Whether it’s from an unexpected medical condition, a loss of income, or the slow road to recovery from a natural disaster, financial hardship can overtake families and individuals in an instant without warning. In such cases, you may qualify for Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 helps people get out from under the crushing pressure of creditors’ repeatedly calling, collection agencies, the “repo man,” foreclosure proceedings, or even lawsuits and relating wage garnishments that result from financial difficulties.

It allows those who are making under state median income to file for debt discharge. Those who file will be eligible to eliminate all of their unsecured debt and allow the option to reaffirm any secured property debt such as a car or home loan. Couples, individuals, and even businesses may be eligible to file for protection under the Chapter 7 bankruptcy code.

While not always solving all your financial issues, Chapter 7 creates an "automatic stay" in which your creditors can no longer contact you and also discharges (relieves) you of most of your unsecured debts with the exception of alimony, child support, certain taxes, and student loans.

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What to Expect When Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Grand Law Firm will walk you through what it takes to file for Chapter 7. We can thoroughly explain each step and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening throughout the proceedings and answer any of the questions you might have along the way.

When filing for Chapter 7, you must:

  • Prepare and file Chapter 7 bankruptcy case documents.
  • Complete an online Credit Counseling and Financial Management Class.
  • Provide necessary documentation to the Court Trustee.
  • Attend a court hearing called a “Meeting of Creditors.”

Filing for Chapter 7 Means Protection Against Financial Hardship

For some, bankruptcy has a stigma attached to it that may be due to fundamental misunderstanding as to why it exists. In ancient Greece, debtors that were unable to pay, regardless of financial hardship, were typically thrown into debtor’s prison or forced into “debt slavery” until the creditor felt his losses were recouped through the debtor’s years of physical labor. Thankfully, in our modern world, we have found more equitable methods for dealing with out-of-control debt. The bankruptcy laws in the United States were created to protect those who find themselves in unmanageable financial hardship.

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