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In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a “straight” or “liquidation bankruptcy,” most types of unsecured debts are eliminated. Unsecured debts are those relating to credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, or most debts that are not related to collateral property. In addition to unsecured debt elimination, you can generally keep all of your secured debt property as long as your payments are current.

At Grand Law Firm, we understand that bankruptcy is a legitimate solution to financial hardship and a path to a fresh start. To find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right solution for your debt dilemma, contact our office to come in for a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our qualified bankruptcy attorneys in Baton Rouge.

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The Chapter 7 Filing Process

Chapter 7 cases typically last between 4-6 months from the time of filing. Some of your nonexempt assets may be sold by your trustee to relieve all of your qualifying debts through the discharge. You may, however, keep all property that the court declares “exempt.” Exempt property usually includes all the necessities of modern life. Some debts, such as taxes, government fines, child support, and student loans, typically do not qualify for discharge under bankruptcy, but there are exceptions.

We understand that the process of filing for bankruptcy can be complicated and stressful, so we are happy to answer any of your questions and address all of your concerns at any time before, during, or after your filing process.

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process with Grand Law Firm includes:

  • Your free initial consultation and case evaluation:
    • Time in which you’ll get to sit with one of our qualified attorneys and discuss your individual needs and concerns. At your free consultation, you will have a chance to review your financial situation with an attorney and develop a plan of debt relief that best suits your needs. At the conclusion of this appointment, you will be given informational documents on the filing process and be one step closer to the debt relief you desire.
  • Your retainer appointment.
  • The composition of you filing for the court.
  • The required credit counseling and financial management sessions.
  • Filing your case.
  • Providing all necessary documentation to your case trustee.
  • Your 341 meeting, also known as a meeting of creditors:
    • In most Chapter 7 cases, this is the only time you will be required to attend court. One of our attorneys will attend this hearing with you as well.
    • There is no judge at this meeting, you will be meeting and answering simple questions with your case trustee.
    • Despite the name, creditors rarely attend these meetings.
  • Receiving your discharge papers.
  • Closing your case and beginning to rebuild your credit.

2005 Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code

In 2005, significant changes were made to the Bankruptcy Code. These changes have increased the responsibilities of debtors wishing to file. The most significant changes have to do with eligibility for filing for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy. While you must now meet more stringent requirements to obtain debt relief through straight bankruptcy, it is still possible. Our firm has the experience and talent to review your situation and offer personalized advice.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Call (504) 608-5208 to schedule a free consultation with our bankruptcy lawyers in Baton Rouge.

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