Grand Title Company Residential & Commercial Real Estate Closings

Company Profile

Grand Title Company has delivered efficient and effective title and escrow services to Southeast Louisiana for over 20 years. We are a client-focused business, and our staff is constantly striving to deliver the highest consistent quality of work around. Our company is an authorized title insurance agent for Security Title Guarantee of Baltimore, WFG National Title Company and Stewart Title Guaranty Company, which are all national title insurance underwriters. We routinely act as issuing agent with respect to any title insurance policies required by our clients in their real estate transactions, whether in connection with a purchase or sale of property, or as may be required in connection with financing.

For our residential real estate clients, we understand that buying or selling a house is about packing and unpacking memories as much as items, and our goal is to make sure that everyone is happy at the closing table. We help our clients easily navigate the stages in the settlement process, and if any problems arise, we provide counsel and solutions to aid them in moving toward their goals. Our staff is experienced in closing myriad types of residential arrangements, including cash sales, mortgage lending, refinances, loan modifications, credit deeds, and bond for deeds. As mediator between buying and selling parties, we ensure that funds are disbursed timely and that all necessary documentation is distributed, signed, and recorded properly.

Our commercial real estate practice assists clients in a number of real estate areas including land acquisition and development; commercial leasing; permitting, zoning and land use issues; owners' associations; and master planned communities. On larger scale or multi-phase developments, we provide legal counsel and advice to our clients as to subdivision of the project and planning for the future financing and sale of individual parcels; financing of infrastructure; allocation of development rights and entitlements among parcels, addressing issues as to maintenance of common areas and common facilities; and implementation of methods to assure high quality standards are maintained throughout the development.

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