Can I Get Rid of Medical Bills through Bankruptcy?

If you or someone you love are enduring the challenges that come with an unexpected illness or injury, you know how quickly medical bills can add up. Credit cards fill up, lines of credit are tapped, and you are up to your ears in debt quicker than you thought possible. Now, in addition to dealing with physical illness, you’re carrying the emotional burden of feeling like you are in deep financial trouble as well.

Bankruptcy law was created to protect people in situations just like yours. In fact, the most common cause of bankruptcy is exorbitant medical bills. Since most medical bills are considered dischargeable debts which means you can get rid of medical bills through the vehicle of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Option
If your income is low enough, you may qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With chapter 7, there is no limit to the amount of medical bills or other debt that can be done away with. Again, since medical bills are considered is chargeable debts, they are not exempt from bankruptcy protection.

Income Adjusted Plan
Another way to wipe out medical bills is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Eligibility for Chapter 13 will depend, at least in part, on the total amount of debt you have. If you medical bills and other liabilities are within the debt limits of Chapter 13, you’ll be given a new payment plan that takes into consideration your income, your expenses, and assets. Typically your income-based payment plan will allow you to pay substantially less.

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