Why a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Should Be the Second Person You Call After an Accident

Before we discuss what you should do after an injury, you need to understand why it’s important.

No one plans to get injured, but unfortunately, injuries happen on a daily basis and we put ourselves at risk everyday. You don’t have to be a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints to experience a personal injury. You could be shopping and slip and fall, get bitten by your neighbors dog on your morning jog or hurt yourself in a work related accident. The possibilities for personal injury are immeasurable (which is admittedly a little depressing, but hang in there with me).

In your lifetime it is very likely that you will experience a personal injury. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 41 out of 100 people visit the hospital per year with 7.3% having to stay overnight. Even if you are extremely careful, some injuries are unavoidable. So understanding what to do after an injury is extremely important.

The Path To Recovery

The path to recovery starts with two phone calls. Since physical recovery is the first priority, 911 should be the first call you make. This simple call is important and saves lives on a daily basis. After you realize that you will live through your injury, you need to make a second call. Your second call should be to a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney. Here’s why…

Reason #1: Calling a personal injury attorney can put you on the path to financial recovery.

If your accident was caused by another person’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. When you have been injured, you need to focus on recovery and financial recovery is an important part of this process.

Reason #2: Calling a personal injury attorney provides peace of mind.

A good attorney will provide guidance on what to do after you have been injured. It’s unfair to you and your loved ones to carry the burden by yourself. Don’t try to handle everything on your own. It is a big mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. If your accident was caused by the negligence of others, then why should you be held liable?

The answer is, you shouldn’t!

So put this number on speed dial: (504) 608-5208 , and choose to be prepared.

Reason #3: Having a personal injury attorney saves you time.

Not only does a personal injury attorney have valuable experience navigating the recovery process, they can work with the insurance companies on your behalf, speed along the process and allow you to focus on your health.

What to do if you have been injured in the pasts?

If you suffered from a personal injury that happened within the last # years, then it isn’t too late to call.

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