6 Secrets to Building a Budget You Can Live with


Ready to start saving money but not sure how or where to start? Checkout these 6 quick tips on how to start budgeting and saving your money.

1. Create a goal

It seems a little obvious but sometimes the best way to start is to decide where you want to end. Try starting with a short term goal (like paying off a credit card or car loan) and moving to a long term plan (like planning for retirement).

2. Schedule your goal

What makes a goal different than a dream?

A deadline.
Decide when you can reasonably achieve your goal and make it happen! Set-up auto transfers from a checking account to a payment or savings account so there’s no delay and no additional time requirement

3. Track your spending!

Knowing WHAT you spend your money on is just as important as how much you spend. Smart phones have made this step a piece of cake! There are hundreds of personal finance apps so click into your app store and choose one that works best for you and with your bank then get to tracking!

4. Find a “Saving Buddy”

Have you ever tried to stick to a diet and found it was so much easier if someone else is there is guilt you into sticking to it? Same concept here. Find someone to be accountable with you.

5. Monitor your goals

You can’t know how well (or not so well) you’re doing if you never check. Again, most personal finance apps make this easy but only if you keep them updated with your day-to-day spending. Another great way is to set aside some time when making monthly bill payments, to review your finances as a whole.

6. Celebrate your progress!

You paid off a credit card AND paid all your other bills on time? CONGRATS! You saved an extra $200 for a down payment on a new car? WAY TO GO! we wouldn’t suggest topping that off with a new computer but taking your saving buddy out for ice cream wouldn’t hurt.

6 Secrets To Building A Budget
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