"but This Thanksgiving Had a New Meaning. "

For the past several years, the staff of Grand Law Firm have chosen one or two clients and prepared a Thanksgiving meal for them and their family. This year, one of the clients we prepared a meal for, wrote us the most heart-warming thank you; and with her permission, we’re sharing it with you.
Jonathan and Dina and so many others that I don’t know:
As anyone who knows me will confirm, I am not often at a loss for words. However, that fact does not apply to your unexpected but appreciated gesture of kindness, support, and encouragement. Just three short years ago, I had no reason to imagine the drastic turn that my life would take. I see the stories on television and in magazines, I hear the stories in my daily life but did not have a reason to believe that the story would one day be mine. So, I can honestly say that “thank you” is hardly sufficient to let you know what your kindness meant to my family and me. I have prided myself on being able to provide for so many people in my life and I have needed that independence as much as they have needed the support. But this Thanksgiving had a new meaning. We give thanks to the kindness of strangers who knew the newness of our struggle and the need to feel whole again. I took lots of pictures but unfortunately the lighting is not very good. I have included four of the granddaughters. The smiles on their faces tell a powerful story. In the lower right corner is Lenae , age 17. Lenae has osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bones. Her swallowing issues require that her foods are pureed and you can see she got to enjoy everything as well. She is picky but the sweet potato casserole met with her approval! As I mentioned, I choose to not eat pork but you can see that Kelsey [13] and Kyra [8] were so happy to see ham as one of the items on the table — a rare treat! Kayla [19] nibbled a bit of everything but I think she and I ate more of the fried turkey than anyone else did. It was amazing. The pumpkin and pecan pies did not last long enough to get photos. Two of my daughters had to work that day at the Northlake Behavioral Health Center so they joined us later that evening. Overall, it was a beautiful day made even more special by your generosity, caring, support and encouragement. My corner of the world is a much better place because of you.

No matter how you feel — get up, dress up, and show up!!– Hannah

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story and your life with us, Hannah.

Family enjoying thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

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