Dog Safety Tips for the Family

Many Louisiana families love dogs. Studies show that owning a dog has many benefits. However, there are many issues that can cause harm to you or a family member when petting or playing with a dog, whether it is your own family pet, or a dog that belongs to someone else.

Precautionary dog safety tips for your family include:

  • Research the breed of the dog before you buy or adopt a dog. Your lifestyle and the time you have available needs to be matched to the right breed. Younger children will need a tame, gentle breed in the house.
  • Puppies and children can be a dangerous combination. Both puppies and small children are extremely curious and may exceed safety boundaries without knowing a problem can occur.
  • Do not allow children to walk larger dogs. Adult supervision is a must with all dogs and children.
  • Allow a dog to eat and sleep without interruptions. A dog can be protective of food and may be aggressive if threatened, even if the threat is unintentional.
  • Take warning signs seriously. If a dog is growling or on high alert, stay away. Educate your children to be aware that even dogs that are normally friendly can be aggressive if provoked.
  • Never run from an angry dog; always walk calmly from the dog if possible.
  • Do not approach strange dogs no matter how pleasant they seem.
  • If an unknown dog is near you, allow the dog to sniff your hand. Keep your hand in a fist position, but lowered. This will enable you to determine the dog’s demeanor and help the dog decide you are not a threat.

Personal Injury Advocacy for Dog Bites

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