Most Common Workplace Injuries

Every seven seconds a worker is injured on the job, according to arecent study by the National Safety Council.
That’s 540 workers injured every hour.
That’s 12,900 workers injured every day.
That’s 90,400 workers injured every week.
All of that adds up to about 4,700,000 workplace injuries a year.
That’s a lot of injuries, but what are you going to do? You have to go to work to make money and provide for yourself and your family, there’s no doubt about that; but you also need to be cautious so you’re not one of those 4,700,000 workers injured this year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common workplace injuries to avoid.
Most common: These are smaller injuries that won’t usually put you out of working condition but that are still better to avoid
o Sprains, strains or tears
o Soreness or pain
o Cuts, lacerations or punctures
Most common injuries that result in lost work and wages: these are the big ones to look out for, because no one enjoys being hurt and even fewer people can manage losing wages over an injury.

o Overexertion: 35% of all workplace injuries resulting in lost work and wage
– Lifting or lowering heavy materials
• Avoid: bending, reaching and twisting when lifting or lowering objects.
– Repetitive motions and muscle strain
• Prevent by taking frequent and short breaks and be aware of how your body responds

o Contact with objects and equipment: 25% of all workplace injuries that result in lost pay and work hours
– Struck by or into object or equipment
• Avoid by storing heavy objects near or at floor level
– Compressed by or caught in moving equipment or objects
• Avoid by being more aware and alert to moving objects and equipment
– Struck, caught or crushed in collapsing structure, material or equipment
• Though spontaneously collapsing structures and equipment are hard to avoid, it is important to always wear the proper personal protective and safety equipment to minimize injuries when possible
o Slips, falls and trips make up 25% of all workplace injuries that result in lost work hours and wages
Hopefully this post has given you a better idea of the most common workplace injuries and how to avoid them. While caution is key, as the statistics show, accidents occur every day and it’s important to be properly represented if you are involved in workplace accident or injury. If you’ve been injured in the course of your job in the Baton Rouge or Metairie area,contact our Personal Injury and Workers Comp. attorneys today, to schedule yourfree consultation and case evaluation.

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