How to Obtain Compensation in Relation to an Auto Accident

An auto accident can cause major disruption in your life, especially if you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the accident. You should not be expected to pay for any damages to your vehicle or any medical bills for your injury if the other driver caused the wreck. Some auto insurance companies can be difficult to deal with as they try to negate the payment you need and deserve to cover your expenses.

First Step to Obtain Compensation

After you seek medical treatment for your personal injury, you should enlist the representation of an attorney from Grand Law Firm in Baton Rouge. Our expert personal injury attorneys will attempt to reach a settlement outside of court to avoid a drawn-out litigation process.

Time Line to Obtain Compensation

The negotiation process will vary depending upon the circumstances of your auto accident. Some claims can be settled in a few months, while others will take the entire time the statute of limitations will allow. If a settlement is not reached just prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, it will be necessary for your personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations is only one year.

The Amount of Compensation Obtained

The amount of compensation you can be awarded varies tremendously and is based on the severity of your injuries, the insurance policy coverage and many other facts regarding your claim. The personal injury attorneys at Grand Law Firm in Baton Rouge can help you determine the optimal amount of damages you should obtain.

To obtain the best settlement you deserve, enlist the representation of Grand Law Firm in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. Our personal injury attorneys take great pride in helping our clients recover the largest settlement possible. Call today for a free consultation.

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