What to Do If Facing a Wrongful Foreclosure

A foreclosure crisis is stressful, and financially it can be devastating. If you are facing a foreclosure that has no legal basis, you need to seek help to protect your rights. The New Orleans bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyers at Grand Law Firm want to assist in stopping the wrongful foreclosure process. In the current financial crisis that our country suffers, too many mortgage companies are utilizing tactics that are unethical to repossess and auction property. Our firm can help you through the process of rectifying a wrongful foreclosure.

Improper Foreclosure Conduct

Banks and mortgage companies may enlist the following unethical practices in a foreclosure:

  • Failure to send proper notice of default prior to starting the foreclosure process
  • Initiation of a foreclosure when owner was not in default
  • Failure to send the correct notice of acceleration
  • No notice of sale
  • Notice not sent via certified mail
  • Statement that foreclosure would not proceed, but continues with the process

If your foreclosure crisis has involved any of the listed practices, you need to seek legal representation to stop the process or to receive compensation for your loss of your home. This list is not inclusive of all unethical behavior; if you feel you face a wrongful foreclosure, you need to contact Grand Law Firm in New Orleans.

Recourse for Wrongful Foreclosure

If you have faced a wrongful foreclosure, you must understand there are remedies to your crisis situation, including:

  • Rescission of the foreclosure
  • Recovery of monetary damages
  • Issuance of a restraining order to stop the process of the sale or eviction

Representation from a Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Expert

The lawyers at Grand Law Firm offer New Orleans and Baton Rouge residents legal representation for homeowners who have been threatened or actually foreclosed upon without justification. We will offer the assistance you need to remedy your crisis and get back to your daily life. Call today for a free consultation.

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