Watch Where You Step to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries

If you fail to watch where you step, you may incur a tragic slip and fall injury. Many people assume that injuries will be mild if they fall; however, reports indicate that slip and fall injuries result in over 15,000 fatalities each year. When a property owner or entity fails to maintain their property in a safe manner, severe injuries may result if you slip and fall. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and broken bones, including hips and spinal fractures, can result in a long and arduous recovery.

Slip and Fall Injury Claims in Louisiana

The communities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA can seek advocacy with the attorneys at Grand Law Firm if they suffer a severe personal injury from a slip and fall accident. Our elderly population can be especially susceptible to the dangers of this type of injury. You could face huge medical bills, lost wages and physical therapy expenses from your fall. When property managers and business owners fail to caution people of dangerous areas or spills that may be slick, they should be held accountable to cover your expenses and prevent future accidents.

Slip and Fall Injury: Proof of Negligence

When you are on public or private property, you should not have to watch every step you take to prevent a slip and fall injury. One of the most important aspects of this type of liability claim is to prove that another person or entity acted in a negligent manner to cause the accident. The injury attorneys at Grand Law Firm can assess your claim and determine the best way to provide the proof necessary for you to be awarded the damages you are owed. Our Baton Rouge and New Orleans personal injury teams offer the best guidance for you and your family.

Attorney Representation in LA

Contact Grand Law Firm in either our Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA office to start your injury claim today.

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