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Innocent Spouse Relief Attorney in New Orleans

Helping Clear Your Name from Tax Debt in Louisiana

If your spouse is being investigated for tax fraud or evading paying taxes, you may be held liable as a result. Your spouse may have claimed incorrect deductions or have unreported income that can lead to your tax liability being negatively affected. Fortunately, the IRS has relief options available for innocent spouses.

At Grand Law Firm, we can help you determine if you qualify for innocent spouse relief to prevent you from being held responsible for your spouse's taxes, interest, or penalties. Our New Orleans innocent spouse relief lawyers have 25 years of experience helping clients throughout Louisiana.

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What Is Innocent Spouse Relief?

When a married couple file a joint tax return, they can then be held jointly liable for the debts of the other spouse. This means that even if your taxes were 100% accurate and honest but your spouse makes a mistake or lies on their taxes, the government can pursue action against you. In many cases, many people are unaware of their spouse's tax problems until the IRS starts investigating them. If you were unaware or uninvolved in your spouse's action, we may be able to help you request protection under innocent spouse relief.

Innocent spouse relief can help you avoid responsibility for your spouse's:

  • Owed back taxes
  • Interest payments
  • Penalties
  • Levies and liens

Eligibility for Innocent Spouse Relief

The eligibility for innocent spouse relief is determined on an individual basis. In order to apply for this IRS program, you must be able to show that any mistakes were made due to your spouse's error. You must also be able to show that when you signed the return, you were unaware of the mistakes or false statements and that it would be unfair to hold you responsible. Our New Orleans innocent spouse relief lawyers at Grand Law Firm have the experience and dedication you deserve on your side to seek relief.

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