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Tax Audit Lawyer in Louisiana

Louisiana Reliable Representation for IRS Audits

An audit is the one major thing every taxpayer fears. Over the last few years, the auditing process has grown more aggressive, intrusive, and intimidating for taxpayers. If you do not know and protect your rights, you may be taken advantage of. At Grand Law Firm, we can protect your rights and guide you through the process of an audit. You can count on our New Orleans IRS audit attorney to consider your individual situation and help protect you throughout the preparation process and the audit.

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What to Expect During an Audit

Getting through a tax audit depends heavily on having good tax records. Our office can review all of your tax records and documentation to prepare them before you meet with the IRS. Even if you have not kept perfect records, we can still help you reconstruct the past tax years until the information will be acceptable to the IRS. During any meetings with the IRS, we do not volunteer information which has not been specifically requested or required.

There are typically three stages in an audit:

  • The IRS notifies the taxpayer that there will be an audit, which is the time to seek representation
  • The IRS starts to request information and documentation to support your tax returns
  • After the audit is complete, you will receive an outline of the findings with a proposed solution
  • If the solution isn't acceptable, we can help you contest the results

Helping You Survive an IRS Audit

If you are being audited, the first thing to know is that you can survive your audit, especially with the help of a skilled attorney. Even if you have not been 100% perfect in your record keeping or reporting, your situation is not hopeless. At Grand Law Firm, our New Orleans tax audit lawyers work with taxpayers in all types of situations.

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