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Federal Lien Assistance in Louisiana

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Tax liens are a tool often used by the government as a punishment for unpaid taxes. They can affect your finances in a number of ways and once one is placed on your property, you won't be able to move without dealing with your tax lien and debt obligations. In some circumstances, this only prolongs your ability to pay.

It may seem unfair that any party could stake a claim against your property. Unfortunately, the federal government can hold your property against you if you have fallen into tax debt. If a tax lien has been placed on your property, then you do have a few options, but each one will require written request to the IRS. The first step to getting your tax lien removed is to reach out to a New Orleans tax lien attorney from Grand Law Firm for help.

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Helping You Lift a Federal Tax Lien

Trying to avoid the penalties of a federal tax lien being placed on your property can be difficult. The sooner you speak with a New Orleans tax debt relief from Grand Law Firm, the better. With 25 years of experience in the field, we can guide you through this difficult time. Our goal is to find an avenue that works for you in order to find peace of mind and protect your financial future. At our firm, we work towards dispelling or lifting tax liens with the use of several tax debt avenues.

The options which may be available to lift your federal tax lien include:

  • Withdrawal: If we request a withdrawal, the IRS may choose to take down the Notice of Federal Tax Lien so creditors cannot see it.
  • Subordination: The lien is not removed, but creditors will be able to move ahead of the IRS, enabling you to get a mortgage or loan.
  • Discharge of property: We may be able to work towards an alternative agreement to get the lien discharged.
  • Payment: If you are able, you can pay the debt off entirely to have the lien lifted.

Consequences of a Federal Tax Lien

It is important that you understand the potential consequences of ignoring a federal tax lien. A federal tax lien can damage your finances and life in a number of ways if it is not lifted right away. This includes affecting your credit score, your property and business rights, and potentially your possessions. The severity of a tax lien cannot be overstated and immediate action should be taken.

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