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When your taxes don't get paid on time, the IRS assumes that you are guilty and often issues tax penalties as a result. This is their way of not only encouraging you to pay but penalizing you for delaying payment. However, your situation may not be as dire as it seems. If you had a good reason for not filing your taxes, you may not have to pay the penalties. At Grand Law Firm, we work with clients like yourself to help get your penalties dismissed by seeking penalty abatements. Our New Orleans tax debt relief lawyers are here to represent your best interests and help you take action.

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What Is a Penalty Abatement?

There is a wide range of penalties which can be issued by the IRS. These penalties range from not paying your taxes and not paying your taxes quarterly to failing to file on time. In some cases, you may face multiple penalties on top of a large tax debt which can lead to putting off paying even longer. Penalty abatement requests to the IRS compile information which shows a need for the dismissal of penalties and must be extremely accurate, complete with evidence of your reasoning.

A penalty abatement may be issued if you did not file your taxes because of the following situations:

  • Dealing with a sick spouse
  • You had a dying family member
  • There was a natural disaster
  • You received incorrect advice from an adviser

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Whatever the case may be, Grand Law Firm is here to support you and discuss your tax debt relief options. Our New Orleans penalty abatement lawyers can explore whether or not you qualify for a penalty abatement and help you submit a request. There are several qualifications for an abatement, including showing evidence that you have now paid or have plans to pay your taxes.

Fortunately, our firm has 25 years of experience serving clients throughout Louisiana and can provide you with the support you deserve.

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